Summer Travels | Czech Republic

This summer we went to Europe. We spent most of our time in the wildly beautiful, incredibly green, and blueberry infested countryside of Czech Republic, and then a small jaunt to Stockholm, Sweden. We grew so much as a family, and I wish I could say I spent so much time with my camera that I grew in some aspect there as well. Alas, there was too much ice cream to eat and too many locals to befriend so I didn't pick it up as much as I would have liked. But at least I took a few... (lots more iPhone snaps of our travels on my instagram over at @mama___wolf if you're interested). If anyone is wondering if they should travel with small children, the answer is always a resounding yes. It will be exhausting and sometimes you might think you were crazy for doing it, but it will still absolutely be worth it. 

Natural History Museum

A very tentative 'resolution' I want to make for the new year is take one family field trip/adventure a month. Maybe some months it will be big, some really small, but all new to us places and experiences. And without further ado: today we went to the natural history museum. Trying to get my introvert kid out of the house is like pulling teeth most days, and when I told Wyatt we were going to go see dinosaur bones he nervously asked if they were going to rawr at him (or if the polar bear on the ticket was going to hit him. What?!). But surprise surprise once we actually got there he lit up at every new display he reached, and then racing to the next one. Hazel spent the time inside trying to hang herself in her stroller straps however, so we took a break outside and she could practice all the walking she desperately wanted. I'd say first month's adventure was a rousing success! Where should we go next?